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In our experience over the years and particularly in today’s economic environment, every purchase has to be fully justified and have an attractive ROI.

CHH Consulting will always work with you to produce a business case that justifies any purchase. However, organisations are often hampered by timing considerations and budget constraints which often hold them back from implementing what they want to do as soon as possible.

These are the things we can do to help in such circumstances:-

1. If your budget is insufficient, we can look to arrange “split payments” … whereby any balance is payable in your next financial year

2. We can offer “extended” trial periods whereby you can start implementing immediately but “tip” the purchase and payment into your next financial year. This is essentially a “deferred payment” option.

3. If you are not convinced to purchase immediately, we can offer attractive short term “rental” options so that you can get started and try the software out “in production”. If and when you decide on a full purchase, we can arrange to “accrue” most of your short-term payments against the full purchase price.

4. If you know what you want and can make your decision process short, we will negotiate with the Software Author(s) to get you the best commercial terms.

5. If you genuinely would like to use a piece of software only for a short, pre-determined period, we can arrange a “rental” option. In other words, subscription (a la SaaS) pricing for that period, with no obligations beyond the end-date you have chosen.

6. If you were to consider buying multiple products from CHH Consulting at any one time, we would naturally offer you attractive commercial terms as an incentive for doing this.

Beyond these options, there are often “deals & offers” that can be taken advantage of dependent on the software product and the timing … just ask us to explore these options.

Essentially, we can be sufficiently flexible to make the financial case readily work for your installation.