American Top Tools, founded in 1986, is a global distributor of quality applications, tools and utilities that complement and improve the IBM iSeries/System i. Their product selection and technical support are second to none.

Since launched in 2002, GoFaster has established itself as the No1 product for enhancing and maximising the Interactive CPW capability of your iSeries/System i and older AS/400 eServer machines.

GoFaster will save you money on new purchases and extend the life of your previous range IBM AS/400 models and iSeries/System i5 hardware


•     Over 6000 installations worldwide, across US/Canada, Europe & Asia Pacific
•     Supports all OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i operating system releases from V4R4 through V4R5 / V5R1 / V5R2 / V5R3 / V5R4 and IBM i6.1
•     Maximises the interactive performance on all limited or zero rated interactive AS/400 models [after 6xx], iSeries, System i5 and the new Power hardware announced by IBM in April 2008
•     No hardware or software changes required – just install it, it “does what it says on the tin”
•     Licensing is by Model, P-Group and number of Active Processors
•     GoFaster maximises the interactive performance of all Active Processors
•     Zero rated machines and non-Enterprise Enabled active processors fully benefit from GoFaster
•     See the table of examples of what’s possible
•     Licence term to suit your circumstances, 6-months to 3-years
•     GoFaster is available for free trial – try it out for yourself
•     See the GoFaster website for a fuller description and FAQ’s:

What’s My Machine Specification/Is it Limited Interactive?

•     Model: use the command DSPSYSVAL QMODEL
•     Processor Feature: use the command DSPSYSVAL QPRCFEAT
•     P-Group/Software Release: use the command WRKLICINF
•     See the GoFaster tables

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