Founded in 1997, Centerfield Technology is a software developer and IBM Business Partner based in Rochester, Minnesota. It has created a set of groundbreaking tools that help its clients manage complex databases, SQL-based applications and the end-users that work with them on their iSeries/System i.

Centerfield Technology works closely with the IBM Rochester Labs and its HomeRun suite of database tools let you readily & easily improve SQL performance, optimize DDS logical files and SQL indices, audit data access, control resources used by queries, and secure data.

Clients can take full advantage of iSeries/System i hardware in SQL-intensive environments and HomeRun is especially valuable in industries that have a high transaction volume such as retail, distribution, finance and pharmaceuticals. Centerfield’s tools can help all applications that use SQL, including legacy RPG code, packaged ERP/CRM environments, and web or WebSphere applications

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application performance

Whether your a database administrator, applications administrator or in technical services and your goal is to speed up business transactions, improve end-user response time, improve web site performance or manage the changes to your applications and database, Centerfield Technology provides the tools necessary to implement a tuning methodology to get the most our of your hardware, software and people.

       insure/INDEX >>
Identifies needed indexes without the deep expertise required using traditional methods. Equally important, existing indexes and logical files can be optimized to make RPG applications and SQL queries much faster. In addition, unused indexes and logical files are highlighted so they can be phased out of production database and completely eliminate unnecessary overhead.
insure/INDEX is the first component of HomeRun to take advantage of Centerfield’s Autonomic Database Assistant (AutoDBA). As a result, insure/INDEX provides sophisticated analysis of your database, just like an on-staff database administrator - analysis designed to give mission critical applications the exceptional performance and availability necessary to deliver maximum business value.
       insure/ANALYSIS >>
Gives database administrators and performance analysts a powerful and intuitive tool to gain knowledge and understanding of database and SQL activity for their mission-critical applications. Tuning time is minimized by drilling into the data and quickly finding the key performance problems so timely action can be taken.

user control
& diagnostics

If your role is to support and control user access issues on the iSeries, then Centerfield Technology can make your life easier. The tools below eliminate the challenges to diagnose and resolve network access issues, track and control query and report usage, to securing access to your database.

       insure/RESOURCES >>
Lets IT control the use of query tools(Query/400, Open Query File, ODBC apps, Start and Run SQL commands) by tracking query usage and utilizing straightforward rules to automatically govern the use of system resources by tool, by user, and by time of day.
       insure/MONITOR >>
Allows an operator to identify potential problems earlier and take action to protect critical applications - a very difficult task for modern multi-tier, network-based applications.
       insure/SECURITY >>
Enables security officers to protect critical application data from accidental or malicious damage without the risks of blindly applying traditional IBM System i security.

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