Resolution Software Ltd., established in 1988, specializes in the development of Xcase, a complete data modelling toolset specifically adapted for today's most widely used database application environments including SQL Server, Oracle … and now, DB2 on iSeries/System i, launched in February 2008.

Resolution Software was a forerunner in recognizing the strategic importance of the proper design and maintenance of the database. The most recent addition to the Xcase family, Xcase for i, handles the database design challenges that are unique to that platform, including the modernisation of traditional System i databases to SQL.

Xcase for i automates the move from DDS to SQL/DDL and, at the same time, it doesn’t affect existing applications addressing DDS-based objects thus protecting your existing development efforts. It completely “breaks the back” of what was a massively time consuming and complex process.


Xcase for i addresses all of the unique challenges of both modernizing DB2 for i5/OS, and then evolving it according to changing needs, with two specific components:

     Xcase Modernization updates your traditional System i database to be fully compatible with SQL—fast and affordably—without requiring changes to existing applications. Your modernized database will have the speed, flexibility and built-in data integrity of an SQL database engine along with all of the traditional features of your System i database.
     Xcase Evolution gives you advanced data modelling, impact analysis and SQL code generation to keep your SQL database running smoothly and ready to adapt quickly to new business demands.
     Xcase Modernization Service allows you to outsource the whole project to Resolution Software – don’t let resource constraints get in the way of “getting it done”.

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Background: Resolution’s work is based largely on an IBM Redbook as part of the iSeries Developer Roadmap, “Modernizing IBM eServer iSeries Application Data Access,” which details a complex process on how to reverse engineer a DDS-based DB2 database and move towards SQL. IBM recommended the process because it said that SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) had surpassed DDS as the industry-standard way to define relational database management system databases like DB2 [see Chapter 2 in particular].

Since that process is so long, Resolution has developed Xcase for i to basically automate it for you. At the same time, it doesn’t affect existing applications addressing DDS-based objects … thus protecting your investment.

All logos/trademarks of IBM Corporation & Resolution Software Ltd are respectfully acknowledged.